How we improve your company's website and overall online performance

Let’s say your company’s website receives monthly 10000 visitors. How many of those get in touch with you and become prospects? And how many of those valuable prospects become paying clients? Our online marketing optimization methods will help you turn those visitors and prospects into paying and returning clients.

Tailored to the needs and goals of your business

Our projects always start with a personal interview. During this interview we try to get a good understanding of your business, business processes, business goals, clients and the industry and market you are working in. This is very important because if we want to maximise returns we cannot apply a one size fits all method, a tailored approach is the best guarantee to successfully grow your online business.

Detailed analysis of your site, advertising campaigns and business model

When we have a good understanding of your business and market we will start an in-depth analysis of your overall strategy (or help you create one!). Understanding where optimization will bring the biggest improvement for the lowest costs and in the shortest time is key here. A good optimization process will keep your costs low and increase your profit margins in the most efficient and effective way.

In general we focus on your Google Adwords campaign and the performance of your website.

Some of the questions we will address:

  • How can we improve the performance of your website?
  • How do the advertising campaigns, landing pages and sales process work together?
  • How can we improve your current PPC advertising campaign?
  • How can we setup a new but highly effective Google Adwords campaign?

Continuous optimization & increasing revenues

When we have determined on which elements of your overall strategy we will focus we start a continuous optimization process.

Optimizing your website
By improving the landing page and other essential elements on your site we can continuously improve the performance of your website. By doing careful research we create AB or multivariate tests gives us proven results that enable us to increase the results of your site over time. Month after month.

Designing and Optimizing your Google Adwords campaigns
Advertising on Google Adwords is all about getting only those clicks that drive results. Our team can help you manage and design PPC campaigns in a way that increases your profit while growing your revenue. We help you change your ad spend from a cost into a profitable investment.

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