ROI Focused Analytics Services

Return on Investment focussed Analytics is the key to understanding what happens on your website. Which sources bring you the most business? What do people search for before arriving at your website? Analytics is the foundation of your marketing strategy that ties all data together so we can make decisions based on facts. Analytics is used to create efficient PPC marketing campaigns, for our Conversion Optimization efforts and is a key to improving your overall online business processes and strategy.

Closed Loop Marketing

Collection visitor data by using analytics systems has a lot of advanatages. One is that we can not only use this data to improve our campaigns and landing pages but also improve our overall strategy. By using what we learn on your website to improve your marketing message and sales calls with customers and the other way around we create a closed loop of information that helps us improve your future marketing strategies on all levels.

Analytics Implementation

Analytics is all about studying the behaviour of users on your site and then using that to make improvements in the places that will make the biggest difference. We implement analytics for all our clients to accomplish this and make sure every click is tracked right to the end.

Reporting & Dasboards

With analytics we collect huge amounts of information which needs to be analysed and presented. Our clients will never wonder how their campaigns and online efforts are doing. On a weekly or monthly basis information on performance is sent in the form of clear reports to our clients. We will help you setup your analytics tools in a way that we can monitor and understand everything that happens and keep you up-to-date with detailed reports.

Call Tracking

Even though email is the preferred method of contact for many of your clients in many cases it is still easier for visitors to give you a call. Our Call Tracking system tells you all you where this client came from up to the keyword level. Call Tracking closes the blind spot that phone calls created in your campaign and replaces it with detailed information.

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