PPC Management Services

A profitable PPC campaign is one of the most important and critical elements in your companies online marketing strategy. Getting visitors to your site is important; however not all visitors are equal. Our effective PPC management service focusses on getting the right, high quality audience with buying intent to your site. With our PPC management services you will be ensured of effective, performance driven campaigns to your business or e-commerce website in Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo.

Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords is a great way to target potential clients. With great control over when and where ads will show up you can target visitors by user intent. By separating buyers from information gatherers we can optimize your Google Adwords Campaigns, lower your costs and increase your revenue and profit. Mastering great Google Adwords management takes time and experience. Making unnecessary mistakes will cost you a lot of money. Don’t waste your time and resources. We have the expertise to make your Google Adwords campaigns profitable and increase your revenues step-by-step.

Bing/Yahoo Management

Google Adwords is the market leader in most countries but Microsofts’ Bing and Yahoo are good second and thirds. In certain regions they make up to 20% of the market so not focussing on those two search engines in your PPC marketing strategy might be a missed opportunity. Both platforms require their own approach and strategy so just copying an existing campaign from Google Adwords is not advisable and separate management is necessary.

Display Marketing

Advertising with banners on Googles extensive network, Facebook or other websites or social networks, or Display Network Advertising is well suited to promote new products or services in emerging industries, to improve brand and to reach customers early in the buyers cycle. By placing relevant ads in front of them while they are browsing relevant websites will put them in the right mind-set to purchase your product or service.


Retargeting is a great way to reach out to visitors of you website that didn’t became a client yet. They are interested in your service or product and retargeting gives you another opportunity to reach out to those potential clients. Retargeting allows you to keep your ads in front of the visitor as they go through the buyers process. Let the client know you are there and the best choice while they inform themselves more.

Ecommerce Marketing

Within our Ecommerce Marketing and Management service we work with you to improve your ROI in a data focussed way. Step by step we improve your ROI and grow your revenue by lowering your check-out abandonment rate, optimizing your Google Shopping campaign and increasing the total value per purchase. We can help you with Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads, Bing/Yahoo shopping, Data Feed Management and Comparison Shopping Engines.

Adwords Account Audit

An extra service to help businesses that do their marketing in-house. Managing a Google Adwords account is a complex and huge task and sometimes it’s best to get someone from the outside to peak at your account with a new, fresh look. During our Google Adwords Audit we review your account thoroughly, starting at the basics, moving on to advanced settings and we also evaluate your overall strategy.

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